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The artistic works of Ángel Padrón’s (Tenerife, 1969) have been absent from Galería Artizar for over five years. And we thought, what better way to calm the disarray caused by COVID-19 than to invite him to fill the potential void left by the decision not to continue the season until September whilst remaining true to our intention to keep activity going throughout the summer? And thus DESESCAVAR* was born.


DESESCAVAR presents a collection of artistic works, created mostly two decades ago, none of which has been exhibited previously in the Canary Islands. These works were included in the individual exhibitions Ángel Padrón put together at the time for Galería Rafael Ortíz and Galería Milagros Delicado, and, until a few months ago, they were still in Seville. This sequence of works belongs to one of the most intense and admirable professional and creative moments in Padrón’s artistic career, featuring in individual exhibitions in several mainland galleries between 1997 and 2001 (Galería Rafael Ortiz, 1997 and 2001;Galería  Carmen de la Calle, Jeréz de la Frontera, 1997; Galería Berini , Barcelona, 1998; Galería Masha Prieto, Madrid, 2000; and Galería Milagros Delicado, Puerto de Santa María, 2001), this last year also marking his first exhibition at Galería  Artizar.

“Objectify an idea, an image, a picture. Without any explanation. Models as metaphors for the stage on which life is played out.” A.P. (Construir, Habitar, 2005)

DESESCAVAR is the title chosen by Ángel Padrón for this sudden incursion into his own history,  which he has woven into some extremely precise identity traits and discourse, once again revealing the effective, timeless presence of his “objectifications.”

Carlos E. Pinto 


 * The word desescavar does not exist; it is a metaphorical action that would describe the opposite of escavar: “to turn over the soil and remove weeds” (RAE).