José Bedia · Isla, monte, animal, gente

José Bedia

ISLA, monte, animal, gente

The Cuban master José Bedia goes ashore again to the city of La Laguna, Tenerife. This time, he will be presenting the exhibition Isla, monte, animal, gente (Island, Hill, Animal, People), his first solo exhibition at Galería Artizar.


José Bedia, who is considered to be one of the greatest living artists of Cuban art, was one of the founders of “The Eighties’ Generation”, and its most outstanding member. He managed to take advantage of the inclusive and anti-hegemonic nature of postmodernist methodology in order to foster an exercise of cultural synthesis.


The defence of a postmodern art practice has prompted José Bedia to require the use of both classical and avant-garde art. His work is guided by Cuban neoconceptual art and is an example of hybridisation, mystification, eclecticism and socio-cultural syncretism.

As part of the line followed by Artizar, strongly devoted to contemporary Cuban art, José Bedia naturally has to be among its favourite artists. In 2011, Bedia held an exhibition organised by the CAAM (Atlantic Modern Art Centre) at the Instituto Cabrera Pinto Art Space together with Hans Lemmen (who is also among Galería Artizar’s artists and whose exhibition will follow that of Bedia in April 2016).

After taking part in the collective exhibition Empapelados [Wallpapered] (2013), Bedia takes on his first solo exhibition at Galería Artizar with impressive paintings. A breathtaking view inspired by Palo Monte myths with the power of his distinctive paintbrush. Intimidating characters/creatures will put to test our perception of protection or threat, accompanied by a series of works that bring him closer to the art of Wilfredo Lam and many other small and medium-sized works ingrained in the relationship between men and nature.