11 – 14 APRIL


Juan Roberto Diago · Marco Alom · Ubay Murillo · Dave McKean · Martín y Sicilia · Carlos Nicanor

Navy pier, chicago, usa

At Galería Artizar we have been working with Spanish contemporary art for morethan thirty years and in the last fifteen years we have also specialised in Cubancontemporary art. In particular, we are the European representative of some ofCuba’s most important artists.

In this edition of ExpoChicago we will present the work of the Afro-Cuban artistRoberto Diago (Cuba, 1971), one of the artists of reference who has best dealt withthe theme of the African diaspora in America.The Galería Artizar is the most important art gallery in the Canary Islands, a veryspecial region that belongs to the European Union (Spain), but is geographicallylocated in Africa and its major influences come from Latin America. This specialecosystem has given rise to great artists such as Carlos Nicanor (1974), Marco Alom(1986), Ubay Murillo (1978) and the artistic group Martín & Sicilia (1974 and 1971),who will present their new works at ExpoChicago 2024.

Finally, the legendary British artist/illustrator Dave McKean (United Kingdom,1863) will present some of his most ambitious pictorial works, inspired by silent films.Both our artists and our gallery share the same identity: we are all islanders. Canaries,British and Cubans working together from insularity to reach out to the rest of theworld.