Alejandro Correa

Tenerife, 1984

Over the course of his creative development, the artist has progressively distanced himself from the setting. From gloomy figures surrounded by suffocating invisible walls, reality itself takes a step back to get a little air and perspective, allowing the onlooker to enjoy a natural and complex sensuality. From the person and their edges to the undulating beauty of their surroundings. From complex voluptuousness to the temperate infinity of reflexive horizons. His brush strokes conceal personal stories imbued with nostalgia, richness and half-light. Pieces that anchor the soul whilst at the same time threatening to avert their gaze suddenly, like the elusive movement of a shadow in a 19th Century back alley. Because every painting by Alejandro Correa is the result of intimate and honest communication between the piece and the artist; a moderate and restrained tête-à-tête that distils a romanticism befitting of times gone by, highly in keeping with the painter’s genius, whose creative process masks a spontaneous coherence and an almost visceral authenticity. Beyond that, there is simply the openness of someone has never sought anything other than to yield part of his soul gladly. He is at the dawn of his artistic career, and his work has already been included in institutional exhibitions held at the Museo Cabrera Pinto in Tenerife, Havana’s contemporary Espacio Arte, as well as individual exhibitions such as the one held in 2016 at the Galería Artizar.



Alejandro Correa

Tenerife, 1984

2021 – Feria Hybrid, Madrid

2019 – DUM. Galería Artizar, La Laguna.

2017 – Dos orillas. Espacio Arte Contemporáneo. La Habana (Cuba)

2016 – Horizontes. Galería Artizar, La Laguna.

Mientras. Galería Espacio Abierto, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

25 pies. Sala Cabrera Pinto, La Laguna

Atrium. Fundación Mapfre, La Laguna.

2015 – Colectiva. Galería Espacio Abierto, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Now’15. Galería Artizar, La Laguna.

2014 – Exposición Ganadores Premio Enrique Lite

2013 – La atmósfera acerada. Galería Stunt, La Laguna.

2012 – Opción Pintura. Sala Los lavaderos. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

2007 – Opción Pintura. Sala Los lavaderos. Santa Cruz de Tenerife